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Terms and Conditions

Policy for personal data protection:
With regard to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we provide information on how we, from, shall work with your data, and about your rights in this aspect.
Depending on the specific case, shall process (or can process) your data under the following conditions:
The processing is necessary for the fulfilment of the obligations of under the contract, concluded with you for the provision of a service/order.
Processing is necessary to meet the requirements contained in the regulation.
Processing is carried out for the purpose of providing information based on your explicit consent/request, service or other.
There is one of the other conditions set out in Art. 6, Para. 1 of the Regulation. shall store your data for the duration of the service/order contract, and after its termination as well. In the case of a contract concluded, the applicable law obliges to store your data so as to perform its obligations for the warranty period as well.
When processing your data, shall strive to apply high security standards and provide your data to their partners, suppliers, or manufacturers only when necessary for the performance of the contract or for the protection of your rights and interests.
In order to ensure more effective control of individuals over their data, the Regulation grants them a number of rights, including: Right to information, right of access, right of rectification, right to erase, right to limit the processing, right to data transmittance, right of objection in automated decision making, and right of withdrawal of given consents for processing. The conditions under which those rights may be exercised are governed by Art. 7, Para. 3 and Chapter III (Art. 12 to 23) of the Regulation.
For information and questions related to's policy for personal data protection, you can find our contact details on our contact page.