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About Us

Hotel Amfora - A Little Different to Other Varna Hotels

Take one step outside and you get a panoramic view of the Black Sea coast. We're right on the breach...


Hotel Amfora is one of those Varna hotels which is ideal for almost any type of break you're planning. You'll stay in an air-conditioned room or apartment equidistant from Varna city centre and Golden Sands (that's another stunning stretch of coastline, well known to regular visitors of Bulgaria). With the stunning local beach just outside the hotel, direct public transport access to the city and a host of supporting services, there are few betters hotels in Varna if you want to see everything the local area has to offer.

Primarily catering to families, Hotel Amfora is open all year round. A family-run business, we also regularly welcome single and couple guests. That's because, as a hotel in Constantine and Helena, Bulgaria, our rooms make an ideal base for meeting new people also staying in the area. The local region has more beaches, sights and great places to eat and drink than you can comfortably see in one holiday.

  • Our Hotel in Constantine and Helena, Bulgaria - Other Services and FAQs

  • Hotel Amfora is a 3-star hotel. This means we comply with all of the global standards for a hotel in this category. The modern building has an elegant style offset by warming pastel tones.

  • In addition to our 8 double rooms, 2 apartments and 1 penthouse panorama apartment on the top floor, we offer a range of additional services and options to our guests:

  • In our hotel we have a supermarket which is just next door. Its working time is from 7:00am-23:00pm everyday.

  • Car rental services - thinking about travelling outside of Varna? We have a handy car rental service to make it easy for you.

  • Bike rental services - if you fancy a mini adventure, we highly recommend seeing the local area by bike. With a variety of terrain, you'll find a pleasant excursion no matter how much energy you feel like putting in!

  • Free parking, highly secure - unlike many hotels in Varna, we have our own parking which is secured and free of charge.

  • Free beach umbrellas and cool boxes! As these aren't the sort of thing which most holidaymakers can fit in their luggage, we provide them for free. Come and ask at reception if you're planning a day in the sun. Our cool boxes are great for storing a beach picnic or your favourite summer cocktail ingredients.  

What's the beach like?

Have you ever gone swimming in the Black Sea before? If not, you'll find that you're suddenly much better at it! The Black Sea is known the world over for having very low salt content, meaning you - and any young children - will find it easier to float.

The beaches next to us are sandy, smooth and perfect for sunbathing.

What about the location?

Amfora hotel is in Varna, Bulgaria - specifically the resort town of Constantine and Helena, which lies in a landscaped park on the Black Sea coast nearest to the city. The very centre of Varna is 5.5km from the front door of the hotel. The town was formerly known as Varna Resort or Druzhba and is directly connected to the Varna public transport system. Local sights include the Euxinograd Palace and Sofia University botanical garden, as well as several marinas, spas and mineral hot springs.

The most famous other local beach resorts, Golden Sands and Albena, are 6.5km and 15km away respectively.

How do I get to and from the airport?

Varna International Airport is 13km from the hotel. If you need assistance or advice in planning your airport transfers, please contact us whenever you need to.

Amfora - The Jug and the Hotel in Varna, Bulgaria

In Ancient Greece and Rome an Amphora was a drinking jug. Often containing wine, the classic two-handled shape could be seen everywhere. The very best survive to this day. Hotel Amfora takes its inspiration from this - a classic; perfect for good times for all the family. Designed with both functionality and clean aesthetics in mind.

If you have any questions about staying with us in particular or about the Varna area in general, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Call us at any time, or if you're already staying with us, come on down to the reception desk and we'll be glad to provide information about how to make a stress-free airport transfer or the best beaches and local sights to see.