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Beaches nearby

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Beaches nearby

As a seaside destination, Bulgaria is famous for some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe - clear and fine sand, wide beaches, slightly salty and shallow sea. All of these natural features are combined with the natural coniferous and broad-leaved landscapes around.

St.St. Konstantin and Elena is the first and oldest resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, bearing the name of the ancient monastery, which is located on its territory. Renowned among Bulgarians and Bulgarian tourists as a complex "Druzhba", to this day managed to preserve its uniqueness and charm. Walking among the small black pine groves and fragrant lime and chestnut trees, you will feel like you are in a nature reserve and the combination of sandy beaches makes the place really special. The unique ancient magnolia, which you will not see in any other  place in Bulgaria, give the resort aristocracy and  memories of old royal times. If you are lucky to be here in May, you will enjoy their beautiful aromatic colors. In "St. Konstantin and Elena "has 7 hot mineral springs without an analogue in Europe, which in the past has determined the construction of many spa and sanatoriums, some of which are still functioning today. The resort has a health center, pharmacies, a police station, a post office, a petrol station, regular public transport links to the center of Varna.

Undoubtedly the biggest attraction in the summer is the beaches:

South Beach (1)

The nearest beach to Amfora Hotel, about 5-7 minutes walking distance, is the South Beach. As it is clear from its name, it is located in the southernmost part of the complex and has an immediate border with the beach of "Evksinograd" residence. The beach is calm all year round, as the fortification facilities do not allow the entry of different water currents and the formation of large waves. That's why it's also great for beaching with children. Keep in mind that the southern beach is very popular and  locals,  fill it  with people early in the morning in July and August. Here you will find all sorts of water entertainment and attractions (boat ride, jets, parachutes, etc.). The strip is divided into two parts - a paid area where you will receive an umbrella set and two sun loungers for 15 - 20 BGN and a free zone where you can place your own. For lunch, you can have a local fish menu at the two restaurants located on the sand itself.

Beach - "Yacht Harbor" (2)

This beach is next to the South. Since it is separated by concrete blocks and designed for a marina, here the depth of the sea is about 2-3 meters. That's why it's not very suitable for beaching with little children and for people who can not swim well, although the sea is always smooth and calm. On the other hand, umbrellas and sun loungers are located there for the comfort of your sunbathing. Very suitable place for lovers of sea and underwater fishing. Surrounding the beach there are volleyball courts and sports grounds, where tournaments and competitions are held, some of which are international.

Beach "The BAY" (3)

We named it that way  The Bay because of the popular restaurant with the same name, located on the beach itself. It is a natural and picturesque bay and offers serenity, luxury and comfort to its visitors. The beach is small and you can get some privacy or spend a whole day with your family and nothing is going to miss you. The bar is right behind you, with cool, refreshing and attractive cocktails, quality drinks and  pleasant music that creates an extra sense of relaxation and timelessness. For lunch we recommend you to enjoy in the luxurious restaurant "The Bay", which offers ,Lebanese cuisine, oriental barbecue, Mediterranean delicacies and a selection of classical wines. Diverse green deciduous trees have leaned over the entire bay so the place combines Mediterranean beach exotic with  freshness and coolness. The sand is fine and clean, suitable for small children, but the bay is exposed to northern shorelines, perhaps the only fault - there are often large waves and the sea is emitting seaweed on the shore when the weather is windy.

Beach "AQUAHOUSE" (4)

It is situated in front of the AquaHous thermal complex. The small beach, a completely free area, requires to bring your own beach umbrella. It is usually almost empty and quiet. The bottom of the sea is quite rocky, although it is sloping. The sand is fine and clean, suitable for sunbathing and children games. There are no restaurants and bars on the beach, and access to the AquaHouse complex is paid and controlled. If you want to spend a quiet and relaxing day without many people around, it is your beach. Do not forget to carry a beach umbrella, cold drinks and something to eat. The enormous white cross rises to the boom, making the view extremely fascinating, giving a sense of protection, peace and tranquility. Right behind the beach is the unique medieval monastery "St. St. Konstantin and Elena ", which gave the name of the whole complex.

Radjana Beach (4)

Probably the best beach in Bulgaria. World class food,drinks and service.

Sirius Beach (5)

The beach in front of the Sirius Hotel is quite nice for relaxation. The strip is relatively wide, the sand is clean, the bottom is sloping, and the sea rarely discards algae. There are sun umbrellas and sun beds so you can hide from the hot sun. A natural mineral water springs from the sands and flows into the sea. Sprint  water has proven its curative qualities. It is important to know that after 17:00 pm  the beach remains in the shade of the trees over it. The attraction is undoubtedly the restaurant, which is a truly restored ship. His age is about eight centuries, and he landed an anchor on the beach in 1991. If you decide to eat there, you will surely have the feeling that you are experiencing a true sea adventure. The staff is thematically dressed in seafood uniforms, and the menu offers a wide variety of seafood delicacies. "The Sirius Ship" is one of the most renowned and famous fish restaurants in and around Varna.

Beach in front of Hotel Azalia (6)

This is the largest beach in "St. St. Konstantin and Elena ". Wide and long beach, divided into free and paid area. The sand is fine and clean, the sea is peaceful - ideal for practicing water sports. Whether you drive a jet, a water bike, or you will fly a parachute - the choice is entirely yours. Here you will find countless entertainments for both children and adults. A day will pass without a notice here. You will be served with food and cold summer cocktails directly on the beach while relaxing under the summer sun. It is important to know that if you are looking for silence and privacy, you will certainly not find them here. In summer time this part of the complex is full of people, the music is on and the feeling is more like a beach party.