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Nearby restaurants

In "St. St. Konstantin and Elena "there are some of the best restaurants on the Black Sea coast. Here you will enjoy culinary temptations from all over the world, selected and fine wines, you will touch the Bulgarian identity and traditions. In this selection we give you the best restaurants in the area:

Restaurant "The BAY"

There is a pretty interesting location. It is located in the middle of a beautiful small bay, on the beach itself. It offers Mediterranean and Oriental Lebanese cuisine, sophisticated wines and beverages, while the interior and the atmosphere complete the good experience. Unique place! You will certainly be pleased.

Ship - Sirius Restaurant

It is a unique fridge from the 13th century, turned into a fish restaurant (one of the oldest and best known in the resort). Here you can enjoy a variety of seafood delicacies, fresh grilled fish and marinade appetizers. The interior creates the feeling of a pirate ship and the staff is dressed in seaman's uniforms. The restaurant is located in the middle part of "St. St. Konstantin and Elena "in front of the Sirius Hotel.

Happy House Restaurant

It is located opposite the famous "Grand Hotel Varna" in the green part of the complex about 300 meters from the sea. It offers European and Mediterranean cuisine - fish specialties, Italian food. Quite a varied menu, there is something for every taste. The location is suitable for small children, as there are meadows and playgrounds nearby.

Restaurant "Villa Mare"

Refined and very nice restaurant, located two blocks from the post office of "St. St. Konstantin and Elena ". There you will enjoy Russian, Italian, European, Mediterranean cuisine as well as traditional home-made Bulgarian recipes. Children can have fun in the lush garden, where there is a children's playground. If you are fond of sophisticated food and fine wines, this is your place.

The Kopitoto Restaurant

If you want to touch the Bulgarian traditions and atmosphere, visit the Kopitoto restaurant. The menu is extremely rich and it features national culinary delights. Be sure to try the famous "Bai Dancho"meat ball, known for decades. The Kopitoto also offers a rich musical and dance program, performed by orchestras and dancers, and during the summer season you can see fire dancing (dancing barefoot people on fireburn), a unique Bulgarian tradition preserved over the centuries.

All the restaurants we have chosen for you are within walking distance of the Amfora Hotel and work all year round, so you can visit them regardless of the season. Only The Bay closes for the winter season.

The nightlife of Varna (bars and discos) is centered around the city's promenade and in the area around the Port. To go there you have to do it by car or taxi. Bulgaria is famous for its attractive nightclubs and parties until dawn. Most establishments of this type also offer a rich program with Bulgarian and foreign artists. You will surely have a lot of fun and will remember these experiences for a long time.

Have fun!