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The Amfora Hotel's restaurant is located on the ground floor on the left side of the reception. It consists of a closed and a garden part - 8 tables or about 25 seats. It offers breakfast (morning), soft and alcoholic drinks, water, various types of coffee, snacks and packed food. The opening hours are from 7:00 to 21:00. Breakfast is available on a menu and is served from 8.00 to 10.00 daily. In the evening, the stylishly landscaped garden offers an intimate ambience and romance. Traditionally our guests enjoy the coolness and tranquility with a glass of aromatic Bulgarian wine from the famous local Varna Winery.


Eating in the restaurant is based on our understanding of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The menu is prepared especially by Ivelina Lyubomirova - nutritionist and consultant in proper nutrition. In the preparation of breakfast we use the healthy products of the bakery GRAM PER KILOGRAM (craft factory for healthy gluten-free products, vegan and vegetarian low-carbohydrate pastries, keto products), as well as those from local producers and farms. Lovers of traditional Bulgarian cuisine can order pancakes, homemade pie, fried slices, sandwiches and more. All drinks at breakfast are free for our guests:  water, coffee, tea, sweets, biscuits…